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Hydration Gift Set
Travel Essentials






Perfect that fur flip here, there, everywhere.


This exclusive travel collection is ideal for any furbaby on the go-go. The Moroccan Pooch Travel: Hydration Edition is ideal for all fur -types and will infuse your one and only ‘s coat with the nourishing and hydrating properties of argan oil, rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin E. Long day at the beach? furbaby a bit jet lagged? Argan your way our of a bad fur day with our Travel Minis.


Moroccan Pooch Travel Essentials is presented in an elegant gift box.

Moroccan Pooch Hydrating Shampoo (1.7 fl. oz / 30 ml)  is a salon quality gentle cleanser that infuses the coat with antioxidant rich argan and essential oils.  Coat is left healthy looking with increased manageability and shine.

Moroccan Pooch Hydrating Conditioner (1.7 fl. oz / 30 ml)
 A gentle conditioning and detangling formula for your #mpfurbaby frizzy or unruly coat.  Moroccan Pooch Hydrating Conditioner restores your dog’s healthy coat and delicate pH balance with antioxidant rich argan and essential oils. Coat is left feeling smooth, healthy looking and manageable.

Moroccan Pooch Leave-In Treatment (1.7fl / 30 ml)
For any #mpfurbaby coat who needs immediate pampering. Spray Moroccan Pooch leave-in treatment which instantly infuses the coat with antioxidant-rich argan oil and essential nutrients. The treatment is absorbed quickly to revive moisture and shine revealing radiant looking coat between grooming sessions. Coat is left nourished, silky and softly fragranced.