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Q:   Anna, please tell us about yourself.

A:   I’m Anna. I am 27 years old and I live in Amsterdam together with my baby Hunti. I’m an international model, so I travel a lot, but I do have a wonderful “babysitter” in the face of my dad who takes care of Hunti while I am away. I’m blessed to have such an amazing father. He even takes Hunti on holidays once or twice a year!

Q:  How did your modeling career start?

A:   I was scouted on the streets of Amsterdam at the age of 16. That same summer I went to Paris for the first time, by myself. Over the next couple of years I’ve also worked in Tokyo and New York, and once I turned 18, I moved back to Paris for several years. But I’m a Dutch girl at heart and will always remain to be, so that’s why I decided to move back to my home country to work and to travel from there.

Q:   What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

A:   High waist, skinny jeans – a must have for all models! It makes you look even taller than you are and it shows your figure perfectly. Besides that I’m obsessed with personalizing my own Nike Air Max (I have 8 pairs of them so far). They are super comfy, but also very stylish.

Q:   How did you and Hunti become part of eachother’s lives? Please tell us about the first moment you laid eyes on your little bundle of joy.

A:   5 years ago my ex-boyfriend and I decided to get a pug. I really wanted a black one and we searched all over the Internet to find the one. Unfortunately there are a lot of fake and unethical breeders out there, so always do the very best research if you want a dog. Some breeders are driven only by money, so they abuse their dogs to get as many puppies from them as possible. For as long as people buy puppies from those breeders, they support such terrible abuse of dogs. My advice is to only look for professionals that are verified by breeder associations.

The breeder I found actually wanted to keep Hunti (his name was Dirk at the time). She specialized in pug breeding, so after only 5 weeks she already knew he was the sweetest one and loved him too much to want to let him go. While she saw our desire to give Hunti a loving home, it took an interview and some persuasion to eventually make her happy to give Hunti to us.

Hunti has never been a difficult dog so I never had to do any kind of training course with him. Some people like dogs when they are puppies, thinking that’s the time when they are at their cutest. While I can certainly relate, I love Hunti more and more with every passing day. He just turned 5 and to be honest, I like him more now than when he was a puppy. His personality developed and he became just the sweetest dog ever!


Q:   What are some of the special personality traits that Hunti has that nobody knows about but you?

A:   Hunti is cool guy. On the streets he is a big macho. But as soon as it gets dark or when he is really tired he wants to sleep on my lap. During the night he always needs to touch me somehow. His head either sleeps on my feet or on my hips. He snores a bit, but I think that’s very soothing. And he LOVES radishes.

Q:   What is Hunti’s beauty and health ritual like?

A:   Hunti eats good food that keeps his fur very beautiful and shiny. Because of this he still looks like a puppy, even though he is 5 years old. My father gives Hunti a bath from time to time and he adores feeling warm water on his belly. From time to time he gets a good brush, especially when his winter fur comes off.

Q:   What are some of your current beauty care Must-Haves?

A:   I only use make-up which is cruelty-free. A lot of brands don’t test their product on animals till they want to sell it in China. Unfortunately China has a law that all cosmetic products need to be tested on animals before they can get in the shops. Some brands decided to not sell in China cause of this. Two of those brands are Benefit and Urban Decay. A while ago I’ve changed my whole make-up bag to a cruelty free make-up bag, with only products from those two brands.

Q:   As a furbaby mama, what are some of the deciding factors you look at in shopping for products for your little one?

A:   When Hunti was a little younger, he had a lot of spots on his face. Sometimes they even broke and got infected. After a while we found out that he has an allergy for processed chicken. Since then I don’t buy any dog food that includes chicken and I always buy food that is biologic.

Q:   What are some of your favorite fashion accessories for Hunti that you would recommend to our readers?

A:   Hunti doesn’t wear clothes. He is too cool for that. But what I really recommend is to always use a harness instead of a collar. It’s animal friendly and so much more comfortable for the dog.

Q:   If Hunti were to do a confession, what naughty moment would he apologize for?

A:   Hahaha! Hunti will never apologize for anything – his ego is too big for that! He only shows regret when I get mad at him, because then he knows he really did something wrong and can’t sit with me until he apologizes. His face is too cute though, so I forgive very easily.

Thank you!



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