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With her undeniable sense of fashion, creativity and her love of furbabies @BEAUTYMARKLADY is our monthly discovery. This gorgeous blogging babe has collaborated with many widely-recognized public figures in art and fashion, including but not limited to Alec Baldwin, Elie Tahari, Reem Acra, John Varvatos, Nadja Swarovski.

We are very privileged that she has accepted to let us into her world for an inspiring interview on her relationship between her and Pomeranian love Franklyn! Read what she had to say!


Q: Since Beauty Mark Lady and you are one of the same, what values do you think are important to convey to your audience?

A: I think the values important to convey to our audience is that of refined style, inspirational, knowledgeable content and energetically driven proverbs. A healthy lifestyle also, by the way.

Q: What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

A: As for Franklyn, being a gentleman, he has had his men’s style obsessions since his childhood. He prefers to experiment mostly with high-end accessories, including but not limited to: bowties, bags, handkerchiefs and ties.

A: As for me, Beauty Mark Lady, I’m inspired by the designers who experiment with original, premium designs despite the abundance of mediocre clothing. You may agree that with the purchase of quality clothes also brings about a surge in confidence.

Q: Name up to three Instagram accounts that you currently find inspiring.

A: Four accounts that inspire us are @1924us, @iamgalla, @willamazing, and @hayden_williams.




Q: How did you and Franklyn become part of each other’s lives? Please tell us about the first moment you laid eyes on your little bundle of joy.

A: I was always a cat owner, but when I moved to the United States, I felt it was time for my childhood dream to have a white puppy to come true.

Q: What are some of the special personality traits that Franklyn has that nobody knows about but you?

A: He specifically doesn’t like Chanel perfume. When he sniffs it, he raises his upper right lip, as a sign of disgust. While pugs particularly feel passion towards Franklyn when we walk, he doesn’t seem to reciprocate.

Q: What is Franklyn’s beauty and health ritual like?

A: He’s carefully brushed every other day, and we clean his teeth and make sure he’s polished and presentable for the public. Franklyn just adores bowties, and every day he’s wearing this accessory.

Q: What are some of your current beauty care Must-Haves?

A: My must-haves include Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow, Christian Dior lipstick (Rouge Dior 365), Rene Furterer Paris concentrated hair-strengthening serum, which I would highly recommend for hair treatment. I have used this product for many years and am quite satisfied with that.



Q: As a furbaby mama, what are some of the deciding factors you look at in shopping for products for your little one?

A: I never feed Misha with random food – even if it’s a widely recognized brand. I’m not blinded by such brands. Everything he consumes should be able to be medically proven.

Q: What are some of your favorite fashion accessories for Franklyn that you would recommend to our readers?

A: I would recommend to our readers any accessories that would make them elegant and be harmonious with facial features, complexion and size.

Q: If Franklyn was to do a confession, what naughty moment would he apologize for?

A: If I had to admit, he’s like a magpie – he loves to collect things and bring it back to his small house. Even if these are things like pieces of food he definitely won’t eat, he’ll still take it, and place it under his royal mattress.

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